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Tuscany by Car – the Complete Guide is a new and unique way of exploring the joys of the Tuscan countryside, at your own pace and on your own schedule. With the help of our exclusive and comprehensive set of GPS coordinates, you will discover fantastic restaurants tucked in out-of-the-way places, visit fascinating historical sites, tour world-class wineries and wine cellars, enjoy scenic drives through stunning countryside, and stay at great little hotels and bed and breakfasts that epitomize the Tuscan experience.

Designed for the intrepid traveler who wishes to discover the real Tuscany most tourists miss, the Tuscany by Car eBook is the best and most comprehensive travel guide to Tuscany.

We strive to include only those destinations that are interesting and worthwhile. Our eBook features a TBC Favorites section where we highlight our favorite sites, hotels, restaurants, wineries and shops. These are exceptional destinations that reflect our subjective preferences.

The Tuscany by Car eBook includes extensive insider information rarely found in other travel guides on attractions, lodging, restaurants, hiking, bicycling, golfing and shopping. Want to visit the famous butcher shop in Panzano? We’ll take you to his doorstep. Like to catch some bargains at the Prada outlet? No problem. How about touring some of the best wineries in all of Europe? Easy. Always dreamt of a fine meal in a world-class destination restaurant in a beautiful, yet hard-to-find location deep in the Tuscan countryside? Just choose your destination based on our insider tips, select the location on your GPS using the coordinates we provide, and off you go! We provide complete information about these locations and many more.

Only Tuscany by Car provides GPS coordinates to guide you from one destination to another. Simply download the coordinate file from our website using the activation code provided in the book, then transfer the coordinates onto your separate Garmin or TomTom GPS device using your windows PC or Mac computer. Then, after arriving in Italy, turn on the GPS device after picking up your rental car, let it “spool up” (it takes a few minutes for the device to locate and lock onto satellites in a different continent), select your destination from the list of Favorites and away you go!

Tuscany by Car—the best, most comprehensive travel guide to Tuscany

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