Podere Belvedere

“We just kept thanking you guys every step and kilometer of the way. You NEVER failed us even with parking. I knew that if our GPS and your concept didn’t work, our trip could have been a disaster, but I trusted you and your brilliant concept and it turned out to be the absolute best trip of our lives (and I have done a lot of traveling and just returned from 3 weeks in Burma).”
Pat A.

Cliffs of Moher

“First of all I do love your book. I used to be in the travel business and this is the best travel guide I have ever read.”
Susan T.


“We just spent two weeks in Italy and used your guide books to plan our trip and navigate Chianti and the hilltop towns. Your books were wonderful and I am certain we would not have been able to navigate as easily without the GPS coordinates that you provided. Thank you for providing a wonderful service to travelers.”
Kim D.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

“Our travel experience in Florence would not have been as exceptional had we not had this book with us.”
Will S.

Kilmacduagh Monastery

Ireland by Car provides detailed information with GPS coordinates about Kilmacduagh Monastery and many other exciting destinations in Ireland!

Flags of the Onda (Wave) contrada in the Via Giovanni Dupre, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Onda Contrada Flags, Siena

“My wife and I have just completed our first trip to Tuscany and we planned it mostly with the help of your great guide. We loved it every minute and your directions and GPS coordinates were perfect and very helpful. Thank you very much! We will recommend for sure your book for all our friends in Brazil.”
José G.

Trinity College Library

Ireland by Car provides detailed information with GPS coordinates about Trinity College Dublin and many other exciting destinations in Ireland!

Doolin, County Clare

Ireland by Car provides detailed information with GPS coordinates about the Wild Atlantic Way and many other exciting destinations in Ireland!

Pienza Countryside

"All said and done your Tuscany by Car ebooks are awesome! The wealth of information about the region, travel, driving and GPS advice along with all of the iPad hyperlinks make each book a must read for anyone, even seasoned Tuscan travelers. Throw in the fact that you give the location of free and pay parking lots and that all the locations in the books have verified GPS coordinates make them priceless to anyone traveling the hill towns of Tuscany. Thanks for all your attention to detail and research — it is much appreciated.”
Len J.

Dunluce Castle, County Antrim

Ireland by Car provides detailed information with GPS coordinates about Dunluce Castle and many other exciting destinations in Northern Ireland!

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Our eBooks

We give new meaning to “off the beaten path”!

Our guides are the first and only travel publications that include a comprehensive set of GPS coordinates for all of its listings. In just minutes, these coordinates can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone or Garmin or TomTom GPS device, enabling you to drive easily and quickly to hundreds of unique, hidden destinations. Following our easy and straightforward directions (included in the book), you can download the coordinate files in the comfort of your home, before you leave on your trip.

Once you arrive, all you need to do is power up your GPS device and select your destination—and away you go! Through the miracle of modern technology you will avoid the frustrations that all too often accompany driving in a different country. Your savings in hassle, time and fuel will pay for one or more of our guides many times over.

These travel guides are the culmination of countless days of hands-on research on location. Although our early excursions were exhilarating, they too often led to frustration as we seemingly drove in circles trying to find our way through winding roads. Road signs seemed to point in every direction (all roads do lead to Rome) and the roads did not have clear highway designations. When planning a trip, it sometimes took hours just to find a small village on a map; trying to find it while in a moving car was nearly impossible.

The good news is that technological advances using GPS technology have allowed for the cre­ation of guidebooks that allow you to zip around like sb10065459a-001a local. Our books not only give you honest and reliable reviews of the best things to do, places to see and, of course, food and wine to enjoy, but also get you from one destination to the next without getting lost.

Our travel guides are based on our own experiences. We have traveled many times to each of the recommended locations and have spent considerable time in many of the recom­mended hotels, restaurants and shops. We visited these sites as anonymous travel­ers just like everyone else. The proprietors did not know that we were writing a guide or that we were any­thing other than curious travelers out to have a good time. The recommendations are thus the result of independent research without the receipt of any consideration, favors or special treat­ment of any kind.

Our eBooks contain a wealth of information not found in any other books and feature the application of state-of-the-art technology. We were only able to do so with the invaluable assistance of a team of exemplary professionals located in Minneapolis, Chicago, Napa, Jacksonville (Oregon) and Cork, Ireland. Our comprehensive guides let you experience the wonders of travel without getting lost.

Tuscany by Car and Ireland by Car: the best and most comprehensive travel guides!


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