Some Reviews from our Readers

“First of all I do love your book. I used to be in the travel business and this is the best travel guide I have ever read.”

— Susan T., Florida (May 22, 2016)

“A Winner  ★★★★★

“This personable, easy to read, very well-written book became our traveling companion on our recent trip to Florence. We referenced the book during the day for directions getting where we wanted to go and, in the evening, read it to learn about the region and to plan what to see and where to go the next day. The food and restaurant sections of the book really exceeded our expectations. We had many mind blowing, affordable food experiences at restaurants the book recommended and ordered menu items suggested in the book we would not have tried on our own. One of the things that struck me about this book was that it was obvious that the authors truly researched all of the places mentioned in the book: the restaurants, the museums and all of the other attractions. It was clear that the authors truly wanted the user to have a positive, high quality experience of Tuscany. The historical, political, cultural and geographical aspects written about the Tuscan region were superlative and left us feeling well-educated. With so much art and history to see in Florence, this book helped us identify the museums, cathedrals, churches and piazzas we did not want to miss. Our travel experience in Florence would not have been as exceptional had we not had this book with us.”

— Will S. (February 22, 2016)

“My son and I did a fabulous driving trip through Tuscany using your Maremma, Hilltop Towns, and Chianti ebooks. I must send you an email detailing our trip and how we relied only on your GPS coordinates to park, hotels, restaurants. The highlight was our 5 day stay at Vilmo’s Agritourismo Azienda. We just kept thanking you guys every step and kilometer of the way. You NEVER failed us even with parking. I knew that if our GPS and your concept didn’t work, our trip could have been a disaster, but I trusted you and your brilliant concept and it turned out to be the absolute best trip of our lives ( and I have done a lot of traveling and just returned from 3 weeks in Burma). We are anxiously awaiting your upcoming books for our September 2014 trip. We would prefer Provence, but if it isn’t ready, we would love to go to Ireland and even New Zealand in the future. A great big hug and kiss to you for developing your brilliant GPS driving concept which allows tourists to enjoy the ride and not have to deal with all the hours of research and preparation.”

— Pat A., New Jersey (November 4, 2013)

“My wife and I have just completed our first trip to Tuscany and we planned it mostly with the help of your great guide. We traveled to Volterra, San Gimignano, Monterrigioni, Chianti, Siena, Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano and Florence and we were inspired by your guide and detailed information and suggestions. We loved it every minute and your directiona and gps coordinates were perfect and very helpful. Thank you very much! We will recommend for sure your book for all our friends in Brazil.”

— José G., Sao Paolo (October 11, 2015)

“We just spent two weeks in Italy and used your guide books to plan our trip and navigate Chianti and the hilltop towns.  Your books were wonderful and I am certain we would not have been able to navigate as easily without the GPS coordinates that you provided. Thank you for providing a wonderful service to travelers.”

— Kim D., Pennsylvania (September 14, 2015)

“Excellent publication – we used it to plan a holiday to Tuscany and took it everywhere with us – Sat Nav co-ordinates were especially useful – free parking in Florence !”

— Home cook, UK

Tuscany by Car is an invaluable resource when traveling in Tuscany. I didn’t think it was possible, but thanks to Tuscany by Car my husband was able to navigate Tuscany without getting lost once. I loved the freedom of traveling by car at our own pace and on our own schedule. I would recommend TBC to anyone traveling to Tuscany.”

— Carol G., Portland, Oregon

“In September 2012 my wife and I went on our seventh adventure in Italy.  We love the quaint walled cities, local flavor of the countryside and staying in agritourismos, while doing day trips out from our base for the week. We are slow travelers. The first trip we went without a GPS and found it to be extremely stressful driving and were not able to enjoy the beautiful countryside we should have been experiencing. Linda was buried in the map and I was trying to interpret the signs and at times, going around roundabouts up to four times to read them all. It was a bit nerve wracking. At times we were lost 30 kilometers away from where we were supposed to be.

On the next six trips we used a GPS that allowed us to never be lost.  It was great!  We would still miss turns but the GPS would put us back on course after “recalculating”. The only problem we had was that addresses in Italy do not always correspond correctly to the GPS coordinates. Two examples were, in Somocolonia we were one mountain off from finding our villa, and in Montalcino the GPS said a wine bar was our villa. We eventually found our way but it was always a bit of a stressful adventure.

We found out about your TBC ebooks a week before we left for Italy in September 2012.  I was so excited!! It wasn’t enough time to read and really take full advantage of everything that you include as far as planning and details but they are so user friendly I was able to find, understand and use the features that were important to me.

We used them in Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano and Siena and they were awesome!  We were already familiar with the area but it is so nice to have the exact coordinates of everything including for free parking or any parking for that matter.  It is so cool to go to “your favorites” on the GPS and have all of your locations already there!

I even used it on my iPad in Siena to find a couple of the restaurants and attractions you recommended – We had WiFi at our B&B and would look it up there and then draw it out on our city map as we had data turned off on the iPad – We did have a data plan but wanted to use it sparingly. It is also awesome to be able to go to street view and actually see what the location looks like so you know what to look for as you approach!

I have driven in Italy seven times now but your driving in Italy section and links to other road and traffic signs was a good refresher and much appreciated.  I now understand ZTL zones and speed cameras – luckily I never had issues with either.

Your GPS section also provided a wealth of understanding for me.  I again have used one for seven years but had no idea there are three different GPS formats.  I also appreciated your warning on making sure your GPS works in your rental car before leaving.  This happened to us on our last trip and I caught it before leaving.

I did not get a chance to use your recommendations for places to stay but appreciate the reviews and different price points you provide.

All said and done your Tuscany by Car ebooks are awesome! The wealth of information about the region, travel, driving and GPS advice along with all of the iPad hyperlinks make each book a must read for anyone, even seasoned Tuscan travelers. Throw in the fact that you give the location of free and pay parking lots and that all the locations in the books have verified GPS coordinates make them priceless to anyone traveling the hill towns of Tuscany.

Thanks for all your attention to detail and research — it is much appreciated.”

— Len J., Woodbury, Minnesota

“This latest trip my wife and I took to Tuscany was hands-down the best trip we have ever taken. Unlike other trips we didn’t have to spend hours lost or stressed out that we were lost. The information in TBC is comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date.  Simply put, this is the best guidebook I have ever used.”

— Matthew L., Brooklyn, New York

“Once you have used Tuscany by Car your old guidebook will seem as antiquated as a cassette tape. Tuscany by Car truly is a unique travel guide that takes advantage of technology to make your trip better, easier and more fun. Highly recommended!”

— Amy D., Seattle, Washington

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